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the age of time I - Riberta Boffo Art

My art showcases a unique use of ink on paper and acrylic on canvas. I work intuitively with calligraphy brushes of different sizes and fine liners. I combine my motif-making technique and the use of line, shapes and forms with stippling to create or deprive of contrast, achieving highly detailed and intricate compositions that are monochromatic; the result of a radical technique with black and white as the main driving colors and the illusion of all the greyscale in between.

I wish for my art to convey peace and calm, but at the same time I hope it can disrupt the peace and push the vieweroutside of their comfort zone, push them away from what is relatable and understandable to question sanity and insanity. Two faces of the very same coin. I believe that my purpose as an artist was to make art that does not follow the rules, that is weird, subtle and deceiving. Art that isn’t always what it looks like and that pulls the viewers into it wanting to look for more. It is a dialogue in a language you’ve never spoken before. It is my way to call you to embrace that dialogue and connect with me. I believe art is connectivity, not only between you and I, but also within yourself.

I want to know how my art is making you feel. Overwhelmed? Maybe intimidated? Fascinated? Scared? Confused? You hate it? Or do you love it? Tell me.

Roberta Boffo


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Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This is a series of works where Boffo’s diverse techniques come to meet in a one-in-all new dimension. It is the epicentre of a new era in the artist’s practice, where the styles developed in her Knowledge, Evolution and Compositions series come together.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This series of works represents the level of self-awareness and self-knowledge that the artist has been able to achieve. In these works, Roberta only combines two techniques at a time and with outstanding commitment, sheer will and focus she creates pieces that speak of her undying love for intuitiveness, spontaneity and subtlety of art. In a way she obliterates her physical self, vanishes into her artworks and transcends into the infinity of her tiny motifs, symbols and dots. True knowledge is boundless power.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This ongoing series of works has a very specific purpose to Roberta. With consistent elements across this body of work, the artist uses subjects belonging to the natural world to highlight the self-therapeutic and healing power of art, using its benefits to rise up during the most trying and difficult times in her own life.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This collection belongs to the Reflections series and it comprises specifically of works on canvas done in acrylic. This collection serves as a celebration of trees, while at the same time a visualization of time through the age rings of trees. Roberta wishes in a way to give tribute to some of the most ancient and magnificent beings on Earth by taking you on a journey through history. Count the rings and discover where in history you find yourself. That’s how old each and every piece is.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This series depicts Roberta’s boundless search for new highs and push through new limits: in a combination of her most defining techniques entailed with her big square-edge brush work she takes all that is peculiar and specific to her practice and layers it all to create almost imperceptibly intricate compositions, while demonstrating that there is no limit to what one can do. Evolution is inevitable.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This series comprises of both art on paper and on canvas, with the latter belonging to a specific sub-series: The Age of Time collection.
The Reflections series is a body of works that are born from the intimate rapport between Roberta and her art: a way to tell that she and the art are one and alone; it is like watching her own reflection in the mirror.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This series includes three artworks and it is a crucial body of work as it is the climax of Roberta’s artistic expedition and it represents her rebirth into a life full of art as meant to be. With these pieces Roberta celebrates the shedding of a preconceived notion of what art is and embarks on a journey of artistic freedom and truth.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


Works completed in 2017, these are the works where Roberta started to attract her own style and they set the tone for all of her later pieces, clearly depicting her influences and her love for the simplest elements of art in a compulsive and obsessive, repetitive manner.

Let's Play by Roberta Boffo (Art)


This ongoing series includes Roberta’s compositions created with ink and different brushes; these pieces serve as a study, a look into the nature of her most intricate and advanced artworks. A way to explore gesture, movements and use of space in an introspective series of works.