Back To The Future II – 843AD-2023

Back to the Future II - 843AD-2023 Roberta Boffo


Title: “Back To The Future II – 843AD-2023”
Artist: Roberta Boffo
Artwork Medium: Ink on paper
Artwork Unframed Size: Approx. 102 x 102cm 
Artwork Framed Size: 134 x 134 x 6 cm
Year: 2023

This artwork is framed, slightly floated, in a wooden frame with museum quality mat board and museum non-reflective glass.
This one-of-a-kind original artwork is hand-signed by the Artist, and accompanied by its very own Certificate of Authenticity 



“Back To The Future II – 843AD-2023” is the second painting in my Back To The Future collection. This collection focuses on the visualisation of the passage of time through the life of trees, whilst pin pointing specific dates and periods of time in history. This painting was created earlier this year, during the summer months in Italy and it took 355 hours to complete, spread across one and a half month of intense work. Executed with a rigger brush and ink, the piece, that resembles a tree slice, amounts to roughly 1200 rings, all drawn individually. The concept for this collection of works is to paint age rings starting from the jagged edge of the tree trunk and gradually move towards the centre. As we move across the painting spatially and also through time, this work also represents us traveling through history, from present to past and past back to the present moment. When I originally came to this concept, I loved it.

I loved the combination of different elements, their connection and relationship through time and I had to realise it. In this painting specifically, the edge represents our past and the centre is the present moment. As I move from the edge towards the centre, I am travelling through time, from a time in the past (which I can only know for sure once I have completed the painting) to the present. But, if I look at the present from a moment in the past, the present is actually the future. Hence, the chosen name for this collection “Back To The Future” and the title of the artwork “Back To The Future II – 843AD-2023” (defined by the amount of rings painted). This artwork is a reminder to focus on each and every moment of our lives. As we are in this constant motion towards the future, always transitioning, never able to hit playback, I just want to continue to remind myself that each and every present moment is significant, as much as every little detail counts. The small moments, the ones that often we pay little attention to are the ones that make the road memorable and the destination worth it.


The Age of Time II - - 843AD-2023 - Original Art by Roberta Boffo

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