Italian Artist Roberta Boffo

I am Roberta Boffo and I would love to invite you to my final show at my Hong Kong studio before I move my base to Italy this coming November. 

After 4 years of working at my Hong Kong art studio, alas, it is time for a change and to return to my roots, my Italian home. It has been a wild ride to say the least, we have gone through so many things, we’ve seen some challenging times and we rocked some memorable events. 

The one constant throughout these years has been the undying support and appreciation received for my practice and art. Your enthusiasm and love is so gratifying and it inspires me every day to keep pressing on and push my limits to fulfil this which I consider my life’s purpose, my life’s work and my raison d’etre. 

Please, if you can, then come by so that I can thank you and say one last ciao in person. There will be some new pieces on show as well, this is a great opportunity to visit my little studio and collect an artwork just before the holiday season.

If you can’t make it, no worries, the full collection is also listed below (more to come), you can order now, here on my website and enjoy free shipping worldwide. Scroll down to view the artworks!


  • Venue: RAH Studio Gallery
  • Show Opening: Oct 29 (4-8pm)
  • Show dates: Oct 30-Nov 13 (12-7pm)
  • Address: 1/F 11 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung

The Process