Brick #68


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Artwork Details

Title: “Brick #68”
Artist: Roberta Boffo
Original Medium: ink and pen on paper
Original Size: 8 x 18cm (approx.) – framed/sandwiched in acrylic sheets: 12 x 22cm
Year: 2023/01
Package: This artwork is placed between two removable clear acrylic sheets. It is lightweight and can be displayed on walls with minimal effort, or reframed to ones preference.
Shipping: The artwork is shipped flat, sandwiched between the acrylic sheets (see product image) and properly packaged to guarantee adequate protection.

This one-of-a-kind original artwork is hand-signed by the Artist, and accompanied by its very own Certificate of Authenticity.

About This Artwork
Collections & Series
This artwork is part of the The Brick Wall Project
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