Silently (Fine Art Print)


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Artwork Details

Title: “Silently”
Archival Pigment Print:

  • On Archival Museum Grade Paper – Limited Edition of 50

    Print size: 72 x 118cm (Includes 2 cm white border on each side)

This is a limited edition fine art print of the original artwork and is hand-signed by the Artist. It is also accompanied by its very own Certificate of Authenticity.

About The Original Artwork

“Silently” is a reflection of the artist’s undeniable need to self-obliterate and annihilate into infinite repetitions and her rebirth into a purified, harmonious, balanced and peaceful being. Grey is such an attractive colour to Roberta, it truly represents silence and subtlety, calmness and content. In this manner, she ascends from reality’s chaos to the orderly chaos that is her abstract reality, another dimension where her mind and soul soothe and regenerate. The artist used ink and a calligraphy brush for the larger symbols and a fine pigment pen for the mark makings on the background. She was laying on the floor and on top of the work for the whole creation of it. It embraced her, it held her, it carried her. It was her nest. The grey you see isn’t what it looks like. It is the artist’s way of painting, but do not be deceived, there is so much more to see! Roberta is drawn to this type of work because she needs to do it. Because, to the viewer it might look like nonsense and complete insanity, but to her this is her sanity, what makes sense, what gives her purpose. And also, because it is challenging and intense and it can become so physically painful (and she loves that) and because she enjoys that she can be so subtle and deceiving, “I can do it so quietly and silently. You won’t see me coming, like a crocodile in the river, heading for its prey. I am the crocodile; I love to be the crocodile. I need to be. And my prey, is always grey.


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Collections & Series
This artwork is part of the Knowledge Series