The Age Of Time III 1679-1681

Artwork Details

Title: “The Age Of Time III 1679-1681”
Artist: Roberta Boffo
Original Medium: acrylic on canvas
Original Size: 50x50cm 
Year: 2021

This one-of-a-kind original artwork is hand-signed by the Artist, and accompanied by its very own certificate of Authenticity.

About This Artwork

This is the third piece in Roberta’s “The Age of Time” collection which is a sub-collection to her Reflections series. In this series of work Roberta looks at the concept of time and human history through the lives, memories and experiences of trees. Some younger, some older, they are all trees that have existed through centuries and from their lives – number of rings, they tell us of different historical periods and events that are important to the progress and evolution of humans. In this piece, the rings amount to about 342, with the diameter at its longest measuring about 38cm. 342 rings bring us back in history to the end of the 1670s and the very beginning of the 1680s. Roberta found out that in May, 1679 dies Swedish astronomer and mathematician Magnus Celsius whose grandson, Anders Celsius, astronomer, physicist and mathematician, invented the inverted (at the time) Centigrade temperature scale, which was then reversed and renamed Celsius scale in his honour.

Collections & Series
This artwork is part of the The Age of Time Collection
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