The World Behind Her Eyes


Artwork Details

Title: “The World Behind Her Eyes”
Artist: Roberta Boffo
Artwork Medium: Pen and ink on paper
Artwork Unframed Size: 60 x 80 cm
Artwork Framed Size: 89 x 109 x 6 cm
Year: 2023
This artwork is framed, slightly floated, in a wooden frame with museum quality matboard and museum non-reflective glass.
This one-of-a-kind original artwork is hand-signed by the Artist, and accompanied by its very own Certificate of Authenticity.

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Please contact us if you would like to order the artwork without the frame – in which case it will be shipped rolled in a shipping tube – and the shipping cost will be adjusted accordingly.

About This Artwork

“The World Behind Her Eyes” is a painting that I started a few months back and it belongs to my Evolution series. It starts off with a loose, free dance of larger square-edge bushes and it continues with highly detailed layers and elements across the whole surface for a resulting design that is beautifully and subtly textured. Like so many of my pieces, it has lots of movement and it feels very musical. After years dedicated to my art practice, this is a crucial artwork that has pushed me forward and introduced a new direction like few others have.

I often think about the fact that even with all our limits and flaws and our timed existence, human beings were given the gift of infinity. We’re just able to think and conjure up all sorts of thoughts and imagine all sorts of things. We can do everything and be anything we want to be in the wild, boundless, infinite space that is our imagination. The world that is just one blink of an eye away, that lives and thrives right there, behind our eyes. Whether we’re wide awake or quietly in the darkness that arises when we’re asleep, we can imagine, we can dream. That is something that all of us can do. Isn’t that just silly… how is it possible to be limited and limitless at the same time? The irony.

“The World Behind Her Eyes” is this: the incarnation of that unimaginable universe that at some point in my life started to take shape. This work encapsulates most of my defining techniques and more, beyond that, it is a symbol of my infinity, of the freedom I am able to materialise by shattering through the limits of my humanity. And testing my limits it sure did. The title was chosen to convey the immensity of the work that this piece required, I knew what I was in for and decided to jump anyways. While creating this piece, I remember thinking that I wanted this to be a milestone piece. A piece that could tell the story of what it is I am, in my hiding place, what it is that I am able to become, to think, to see. My past, my present and my future combined. What do you see when you close your eyes? Who are you in the endless, where-all-is-possible realm that only you can access? Can you take that abstract reality and actualize it for all to see?

This painting is the answer to all of these questions. And in its magnitude of significance, it is a piece of a much bigger puzzle, an infinite one. It is a fragment of a space that has no limits or boundaries. How can infinity be broken down into pieces, how can we can quantify something that is unquantifiable? Opposites co-living, coexisting and complementing each other. We’re able to create things because we can imagine them. And in this way we allow others to come into the precious, wonderful place that was meant for us alone. “The World Behind Her Eyes" presses the question of how is one lifetime nearly enough to create what our imagination can imagine. And we know the answer: it isn’t. But we do it anyway. We jump regardless because we can, because we choose to, because we need to. Because it is who we are. This painting is a door, and like any door I am giving you the right to open it and enter. Welcome home. 

Collections & Series
This artwork is part of the Evolution Series
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