Walls & Windows

Artwork Details

Title: “Walls & Windows”
Artist: Roberta Boffo
Original Medium: ink on paper
Original Size: 56 x 76cm (unframed)
Year: 2018

This one-of-a-kind original artwork is hand-signed by the Artist, and accompanied by its very own Certificate of Authenticity.

About This Artwork

This work is the first of its kind, in a sense that the artist combined her extremely detailed and intricate details with rather free and much bolder strokes that Roberta achieved with the use of different sets of brushes and through a delicate and yet playful application of ink on paper. Roberta here is embarking on a path of discovery and fun exploration into the different styles and emotional vibrations that characterize her art and herself. Between a sense of freedom and liberation, the artist tells us of a rather chaotic and exuberant side to her personality, but still grounded to that need of balance, steadiness and calmness that perspires through all her details, symbols, shapes and forms. With bits and pieces that remind us of wall textures and little windows, Roberta uses her artistic intuition to convey her deep growing love for this artistic style, we can feel it, almost touch it as you would touch a rough textured wall and we can see it, as if were peeking right through the little windows scattered here and there. Little windows that let us see her fragile soul, but a growing sense of identity.

Collections & Series
This artwork is part of the Evolution Series
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