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In its nearly neurotic quest for freedom, Boffo’s work is a measure of the unfreedom of art of our age, the way it is constrained by norms that attempt to delimit the meaning of art. Instead, the resulting rhythmic process brings forth an optically seductive picture that points to an ideal – unrealizable in our time – of an unfettered freedom of art.


“Delve into the mad genius workings of Italian artist, Roberta Boffo who is known for her thought provoking monochromatic abstractions.”


Roberta’s art gives my whole family so much pleasure each and every day and we couldn’t imagine our living room without her artworks. They are the heart and soul of our house. What I love is that at first glance some people don’t fully understand or are captivated by Roberta’s art, but if you take a minute to look at those details, her work will captivate anyone, young and old: you can only admire the perseverance, stamina, finger strength, creativity and sheer awesome madness of the creator. 

I find myself admiring “Ellie” daily, finding new details I’ve never noticed before, and simply loving how this crazy elephant has become part of my family. When someone goes a bit closer to her artworks you can see them having a “oh wow” moment as they realize the hours, stamina and creativity that it would have taken to create each piece. I love it when someone who’s been at my house many times before all of a sudden has one of these awakening moments! 

As a proud owner of several of Roberta’s artworks I can only relay how much pleasure every unique piece gives me each and every day and how much I love having them in a place of pride in my home.


Roberta’s art transforms, soothes and encourages presence. Her work both occupies and creates space with a timeless energy that suggests there is more beauty than the eye can see if we allow her art to be with us rather than just seen.


Roberta, I absolutely love the detail and appreciate how much time you’ve put into your work. A lot of patience and love. Simple, intricate and compelling all at once.


Extremely delighted to see all your great detailed works and all the stories behind.


You are amazing! Your works are truly incredible.


Mesmerising work! Love the intricacy and the free flow at once.


Your work amazes me everyday.


We love your work. The details are truly amazing. Very, very impressed!

Judith & Friends

What a wonderful work and so much passion! It’s a treat to look at your every piece with delight. 

Thanks for the great art!


Great work Roberta!!! I am super impressed by your talent!